Michael Ludvig
1 min readNov 1, 2022


Are you serious?? Did you actually read the article at the link you posted? It says the exact opposite of what you're trying to imply with your creative copy and pasting. This is what the article says, word for word:

What are pros and cons of using a modified sine wave inverter?

Pros: Less Money upfront: The main benefit of using a modified sine wave inverter is that it is less money upfront. Modified sine wave inverters typically cost between $50 and $600. Pure sine wave inverters cost between $150 and $900.

Cons: Lower efficiency: Motors, such as those in refrigerators, pumps, and fans will use more power from the inverter due to a lower efficiency. Most motors will use about 20% more power. This is because the motors will run hotter, which also means it will make them not last as long.

It's a statement about the cheap modified sine wave inverters that no one should use for anything but low power applications!!

Stop spreading these lies about solar AC being somewhat inferior. It's a BS exactly as I said in my first comment. Just use the right inverter as most people do and you won't have a problem.

BTW comparing solar to nuclear power is completely irrelevant here. We're discussing your lies about solar AC not being AC. There I proved you wrong, that's all.